Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacoeconomy Department

The Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacoeconomy Department engages in the activities of receiving and processing applications for listing pharmaceuticals in the Approved List of Medicines, issuance of decisions on listing, and/or delisting pharmaceuticals from the Approved List of Medicines in accordance with the law, issuance of professional reports, professional and methodological instructions in relation to the Approved List of Medicines and Waiting Lists, issuance of decisions on the appointment of committees and subcommittees for pharmaceuticals and to a great extent in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of the Republic of Serbia and the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Department Director: Vesna Vuković Kojović

Contact tel.:  +381 11 2053832

Republic Fund of Health Insurance
Jovana Marinovića 2
11040 Belgrade
Telephone: +381 11 2053830
Fax: +381 11 2645042; +381 11 2688420